Caged Hunt

    What is a caged hunt? Most commonly known as Canned Hunting.

    A reservation that has animals on it. Animals that are fed by hand. Born and raised for the sole purpose of letting travelers who are visiting the reservation get the thrill and experience of hunting.

    The differences between caged hunting and canned hunting aren’t very important and it’s kind of okay to get the two mixed because they are both bad and caused by people with no skill, wanting to achieve proof of a nonexistent skill.

    Nonetheless a canned hunt is the act of having a small area where the animal is born and raised for the sole purpose of hunting and killing the animal
    While a caged hunt is an animal born and raised in a small cage or pin, then set free to run toward a tree line or what have you, and then the “hunter” shoots the animal in flight for it’s freedom. If the animal makes it to the wooded area, the hunt takes a new more advanced level. but truth is, this animal will never live on it’s own in the wild. because it doesn’t know what to do.

    This is a false achievement. and is created for a false sense of pride. Pretty much the same as the business suit that just bought a Harley all leather everything to drive around the neighborhood pretending to be a 1970’s bike in a gang. Or the little scrawny guy in the massive pick up truck and barb wire bicep tattoo.

    These are all shortcuts to pride. and it saddens me that this is what society has become. Consumers.

    Every achievement these days is like a caged hunt.

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