Fast food Employees want $15 an hour

    There are people who want the fast food industry workers to have a starting wage of $15 an hour.
    Seattle, the hipster capitol of the U.S. has gone a step above and beyond and raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. where the cost of living is already 20% greater than the rest of the state, they have raised minimum wage. Do you know what happens when you raise minimum wage? That’s right. a chain reaction of events that prove you are a moron. Raising minimum wage is scam politicians pull to pacify the ignorant. Minimum wage is what inflation is most controlled by.
    What no one has tried, is cutting cost in the other direction.
    Instead of giving undeserving people more money… Cut the cost of their living. Not saying give free stuff. but cut the cost of the stuff. Some way. some how cut the cost.

    Giving these starter jobs people more than current minimum wage, is insanity. Do you not know how much skill it takes to make the food? There are diagrams above every device showing exactly how to use it and another drawing showing what happens if you use it wrong. The job is for people so stupid, that if you screw it up even after being trained and having pictures that show you how to do the job, you still keep your job.
    What happens to the people who have more skills than floor mopping burger spitters, yet makes slightly less than $15 ? doe this person deserve more? Does the burger flipper care? No they do not. they are being greedy and ignoring inflation and continue to press for their ideal wage.

    Teachers make less than $15 an hour.
    Arborists make less than $15 an hour
    RNs make less than $15 an hour.

    But burger flipper wants $15 an hour to raise her kids on? Ma’am/sir you have been in the business too long. If you have not made management after this long, you do not deserve more money than you are given. You have a kid’s job, you know that right?

    In a thread I was reading on Facebook there was a person saying that she is a registered nurse and she does not make $15 an hour and thought it odd that people would back the idea of minimum wage being raised to $15. The people commenting back to her were saying things like “but with your support you will be making $15 an hour, you can make that much too”. So these people want a registered schooled nurse to make the same wage as a fresh new burger flipper. Well. not a flipper. Microwave-er…
    Minimum wage is the bottom line. you can’t raise the bottom line without knocking down everything that has climbed it’s way off the bottom. You just bring the floor right on up to them.
    First try and understand inflation before you start rattling off about how much magical money we should spend on employees.

    If you can be replaced with a vending machine and a heat-lamp… Probably a good idea to not rock the boat.

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