Guy Flies Drone Into Fireworks but at what cost?

    fireworksdrone A man flies a drone equipped with a camera into a fireworks event in what looks like Palm Beach Florida’s may fireworks display. and released in time for 4th of July.
    You have to give the guy credit for such great footage. but at what cost was this?

    Fireworks events of this size are permitted and sanctioned by the local governing body. be it the city or the state, someone is running this event and count on police being available to prevent people from getting harmed at such an event.
    People are kept back by fences, or large bodies of water. Why? because people may try and run into the unsafe zone of the fireworks display.
    How do we know this? Because they have done this before. That is why there is detailed planning and zoning and security.

    The guy working the drone, may or may not have had a permit to go into the fireworks as they exploded. This is not noted yet. If he had a permit to do so, then awesome job. Great knowing that this was coordinated into the planning of the event. If the man with the drone did not have a permit, then he may very well have put many people into harms way of being hit by an exploding firework, or being hit by a falling drone.

    If the man flying the drone did not have a permit, then it would be in everyone’s best interest if he was arrested and fined, to prevent next event from having 200 drones zooming around in the fireworks as they explode. Don’t be surprised if New year’s fireworks are either canceled or the police are there with rubber bullet snipers picking them off one at a time. Or large groups of people with remote controls in their hands getting hauled into jail.

    If one can do it, many will do it.

    If this was in protest to fireworks displays then it is very creative. Especially if  Palm beach Florida and other states follow suit and cancel the next fireworks display. For safety reasons. Because it would be likely the event holders will get sued for more than the guy with the helicopter if someone gets hurt.

    If you watch the video, you will see that the drone nearly gets hit a couple times by the fireworks

    Forbes on the topic say prison time


    Looks like GoPro took up the video. Hope it doesn’t influence more people to do this. Or this may have been a sponsored permitted event for advertisement purposes.

    It turns out this video was shot back in may and has since gone viral for the Fourth of July.

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