Texting and Driving It’s in Your Hands

    HONKI think it might be time to take things to the next level.
    Too many times in a day I pass a car with someone texting while driving. Completely ignoring road safety and the lives of other people.
    but I don’t know if there is a legal issue behind doing something like this so i can’t say do it. but I will say I will do it.

    Would it not be alarming to someone who is driving if you honked as you pass them and see them texting? and when they look up they will likely look to see who honked and not forward, that would be a great time to point forward. When they look, then point at your eyes, theen point forward all angry and stuff.

    Too many people are dying in crashes because of people texting. Texting while driving is now killing more people a day than drinking and driving. and that is scary. Considering we were raised watching commercials reminding us not to drink and drive. Now those videos are replaced with “don’t text and driving”. Does that not scare you ?

    It sure scares me.

    And to think, those commercials mean nothing to these people. They still do it.

    Only issue with this, I think I will be honking all of the way home. This great technology and we are dying from it because we are too stupid to understand our priorities. Texting kills.


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