Billy Currington We are Tonight did it rip off Black Kennedy

    bkI know that Billy Currington is a larger musician and has been around a while longer, but I think his writers are running out of material or something.

    Billy Currington has a song called “We are Tonight” great sounding song. I loved it. Listened to it over and over. and since it was talking about going back home. It was okay that there was something familiar with the song. Then I heard the song that it sounds like.
    It’s a local hard rock band from Houston that gets plenty of attention. A song called “Saturday Consumes” from Black Kennedy (a band that has a Blues Traveler/Perl Jam/Quiet Riot sound. Well to me that is at least). To be truthful I always thought they were saying “Saturday comes soon”.. and the lyrics made well enough sense.
    But none the less here are both songs to listen to and please comment below if you have anything to say. I need to know if it is just me or does everyone hear this. Be sure and listen to it all of the way through.

    Pardon the potato quality video I recorded it one day when I was surprised at how great they sounded and all I had was my G1 phone. (Scroll down for a pro version of this song)

    Saturday Consumes BLACK KENNEDY

    Billy Currington – We are tonight

    Now I’m not saying anyone is a rippoff . Just these are people from my city. These are my people. and I really enjoy their music. I have to know if anyone hears what I am hearing between these two songs.


    Black Kennedy Shared a sound cloud cut of Saturday Consumes
    In response to this post on Facebook.
    Much clearer sound



    Here is where the two songs sound the most alike

    Black Kennedy’s song at 1:29

    Billy’s version at 1:01

    Now at this point it sounds like Billy is even trying to mimic Vocal sound

    Which oddly enough matches the 2:19 portion.




    1. kathy pena | |

      Yes Black Kennedy got ripped off..lawsuit required!

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