To the Single Moms and Dads

    What goes on at your place leaves him/her saying randomly to unsuspecting people out there the things that he/she wants to say at your house but does not want to come off as a jerk . . Someone honks and screams for him/her to go and get out of their way, he/she sticks his/her fist out of the window and yells “well, your real father/mother isn’t here, now is he/she?”….

    This person does not hate or even much dislike your children. Just has no place being their corrector or guide in life, until the relationship says otherwise. your child knows this. Your child however does not know how to be around non-authoritative adults. So…. The exploit begins.
    Your child won’t do this?
    I don’t care what you believe your child will or won’t do. Unless your child is a moron who does not check things out and check use and abilities, then maybe you are right. If your child is smart enough to check things out, your child will do this.

    Do not make the new man or woman in your life wait their turn for food. Do not make your child wait their turn for food. If you made dinner, then you make the plates in the proportions you think are fair. So no one has to think or consider their value in your life. You have your value, just don’t express it. You love one more than the other? that’s fine. Do not express it. “I love you” is all that should matter.

    Introducing your kids could leave them having to break up with the person you were dating, just as much as you have to break up with them. but by not letting the person in your life as much as possible, you are pretty much excluding them from the start.
    By not allowing your kid to meet anyone you are seeing, could leave you looking lonelier than you may need to look. When you kid gets old he/she is going to think “Man…. mom/dad was pathetic”. and in a way you could be raising your kid (by default) to think that dating is pointless.

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