Woman takes photos of herself everyday for one year -might be fake


    Why I think the video of a Woman takes photos of herself everyday  for one year,might be fake.

    Women are big about worrying about their eyebrows. If you notice near the end, her left eyebrow, there are two straggly hairs that point of of order from the rest. and they seem to do this for a few days.
    If you go back through the video, you see the same two hairs in the exact same position. As if this was taken in the manor of maybe two or three days tops. Slightly altering the make up just a tad to show days going by.


    From what I see on the net is that this video is actually a fake video for Croatia warning about domestic violence.

    and the translation to her sign says “help me I don’t know if I will make it to tomorrow” or something similar.

    Also this video shows in the beginning it was started in 2012. Which after a year would have ended in 2013. and by now, we are looking at the butt end of 2014. Why no updates?

    Not certain this is a hoax or fake, but does not seam realistic to me at all. especially the crusting on here eyes. The scabbing on her head is like it is drawn on and has no depth. The bump above her right eye looks more like a blister, almost transparent. Instead of being a hard solid knot.

    This does not mean I do not believe abuse exists. because it does. and abuse happens more than we want to know. but we need to know. So the video has a good message and should continue to be spread. So pass the video on and see if your friends think it is real. maybe a message will get to people who need the message.

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