Robin Williams Cause of Death

    robinwilliamsTMZ reports that Robin Williams’ cause of death is a suicide by hanging.
    There is no note stated yet and the family has not witnessed a note.
    Police investigation is still ongoing and they have not confirmed the cause of death for Robin Williams.
    There has not been an autopsy performed.
    But sources are saying that he was found dead. hanged by the neck. Suffocation is not confirmed but likely visible.
    Hanged by belt. Small cuts on his wrist and closed pocket knife nearby.

    Let’s not claim or rule out suicide. but also let’s not hold anything definite until investigations have completed..

    I feel this needs to be a reminder. We do tend to get ahead of the facts with rumors and media hype.
    We must not claim or blame anything or anyone because we were not on site.
    For now it is okay to mourn the loss of a loved great man that Robin Williams is and was.

    We need to keep up our respect for a man who made so many people happy through the years.


    Here is the coroner’s report from USA Today

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