Why Women Don’t want to Hear About Their Beauty

    It’s kind of the reason why they like jerks.

    You see something about the woman, you feel compelled to tell her because somewhere in your head you think she will say “oh my gaw… you get me”.
    But. Long ago, some guy did this, and it was magical. Then as or after the relationship fizzled another guy did it, but he had lots of b.s. in it. And she fell for it. Then another, and another. after a while it all seems like huge lies, or brainwashing. They begin to believe that men just say it to get in their pants. and that’s kind of right. The men just take time to note real stuff, to get into their pants.

    So, if you want a woman to know how much you like her and what you like about her, show her. Don’t tell her.

    Jerks don’t think about anything but themselves. So they don’t think the woman needs to hear it. Which she doesn’t.  But since he isn’t saying it, then he clearly is a wise man and knowing man who will show her his respect for her. Right? wrong. He is a moron and doesn’t know whe he has, and she will be grasping at this idea that she found the right guy who is all that, so that anything he does that she remotely considers being kind and knowledgeable of her needs and perception and ways of thinking, she’ll exaggerate it in her head to mean more than it does.  but it doesn’t he’s thinking “Mmmmm burgers sound nice, hope she can find food”.


    So basically she settles. She reads too much into it and gives the guy way too much respect for something he isn’t. He is a jerk, everyone is right… She is wrong.

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