Hundreds of Female Celebrities photos leaked – Dumb.

    So the internet is loaded down today with bandwidth hogs uploading and downloading celebrity photos that were stolen from the cloud.
    These are not the average photos. These are female celebrities in their most intimate positions. photos they were sharing with their loved ones.
    In all possibilities, their iPhones and iPads were automatically backing up their pictures to the cloud, so deleting the images from their device was pointless and did not destroy the images.

    Many actresses and singers are denying the validity of their photos that have been leaked. but there are countless images to support the images are in fact real.

    This my friends is a great eye opener to show you how bad online back up is as an idea for preserving your files. buy a network hard drive and turn it off when not backing up. disable syncing to the web on any program that does not need to sync.

    You are not a millionaire celebrity, your bandwidth has a monthly cap. you are burning that up just in synching.

    Oh, and your apple device is not unhackable. Nothing is.

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