BFE 9.6.14. Benefit Multi-Band Concert

    There was a benefit last night for two of Houston’s music scene’s biggest contributors. This benefit had a some of Houston’s most known bands. From 4 pm through to 2 am, just good hard rock music. Since this was a benefit, decided to leave camera at home and take my new phone for a spin. Should not have done that.
    Band line up where I actually caught the name of the bands: (dude, say the name of your band)
    Devils holy adversary
    12 Gauge Awakening
    Black Kennedy
    Series six

    Review of the night’s line up (I’ll keep it short and to the point)
    Devils holy adversary – First song right out of the box these guys hit the stage with an amazing sound. Their title song “Devils holy adversary”.. ehh not so much. Maybe the vocalist’s voice petered out by then. The music was great but the vox just wasn’t there at that time. or sound-man was on the pooh. but when the screams came out, this band is shockingly good. Much props.
    Sexion8 From start to finish, Rich (lead singer) was in high spirit, he clearly likes that second level of stage there. he was on his game, the rest of the band was great also. Tried to get video, new phone . Did not turn out so well. But sexion 8 put on probably the most active show of the night. Yes that was Filthy Rich singing.
    12 Gauge Awakening – Starts out with a sound that will seem off putting, Kind of startles you the sound the band has, then out of nowhere, this powerful synched anger that makes that weird intro just right. Piddled around with the weird sound a few times but again every time brought you right back to understanding what that weird sound is. This is just original music, pure unconcerned by trends original good music.
    Overload – This woman (vocals) is the first I have heard that pulled off both Ozzy and guns n roses. The guitarist did not miss a note on either solo. Exciting set. Will be at more of their shows. With better camera. May get some video.
    Vessel – They seemed to have brought the first big wave of crowd with them. The guitarist had a nice funk, but wow too much treble my ears couldn’t take it. Women at the foot of their stage. Cool enough for me to hang out and listen to.
    Black Kennedy – Mike (Vocals) knows how to get the crowd to stfu and listen and scream when needed to scream. They put on a good show. Glad they played Saturday Consumes just did not like the fact that the series six vocals jumped in seemingly unannounced. His voice just does not match up with Mike..
    Series Six – Closing act of the night.

    Band photos I got of the night:

    Houston’s local musicians pulled together for a great night.

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