TMZ Releases Video of Ray Rice Knocking out Fiance

    TMZ just shared from reddit is the footage of Ray Rice Knocking out his fiance.

    what you haven’t seen before is the actual punch that knocked out Ray Rices Fiance, and the amount of people that gathered around. The hotel staff that kept the elevator door open (possibly to keep the camera on them) and the woman who helped Ray Rice’s fiance to her feet.

    This looks like a solid hit from a man who clearly hit her with force.This While she appeared to not be any threat of any injury to him.
    The way Ray Rice drags her out of the elevator and the way he just stands over her. This is a hard video to watch.

    That was a hard knock out punch that sent her head flying in what looked like a a solid hit to the handle bar of the elevator.

    Since this event took place, Ray Rice has offered an apology Which can be seen on Youtube. With the woman who was stuck, by his side during the time he apologizes for hitting her.

    Since this new video footage is shown, people are demanding a longer suspension and harsher punishment from Roger Goodell of Ray Rice.

    UPDATE Ray Rice has been removed from the NFL.

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