Stomp’s Burger Joint League City, TX

    On a job in Dickinson Texas diagnosing a computer/network job for a client, decided to take a lunch break.
    While following Google maps to some random Barbecue place that was probably 7 miles away from the job site, found myself just two miles away in League City, Texas on highway 146, feeling hopeless.
    Saw a big restaurant that looked cool, all wood building named Texas something or other. Looked closed or just not a lunch time place to eat. Maybe bad rep or just a night club, but only 2 blocks up the road I saw a sign that said the word “Angus” another sign said ‘Stomp’s Burger joint”.. So the brakes screeched and a big U-turn and there it is… No parking. The parking lot was full. So I pulled into the grassy area across the street and and grabbed a burger
    IMG_20140909_133716_883Since I never have been here before I didn’t go for my favorite. Patty Melt. Don’t want anyone screwing up a patty melt for me like Wolfie’s does. So I grab a burger with a description of the kings.
    I get the Outlaw Burger.
    This was nothing like the description.
    i was expecting a little bit of their salsa stuff and cheddar all over. Nope just the opposite. the burger was heaped with this weird salsa stuff. Though the stuff tasted great, it was just a bit excessive. I mean if it was chilli that would be okay but this was just salsa veggies without the red sauce. Maybe asking for no onions or tomatoes made the cook make a special batch so they poured it all on my burger.

    IMG_20140909_131800_111The meat was cooked quite well with a decent enough flavor. Bun not so much. The fries could have used a dash of garlic and seasoning but they were not bad.
    Bread/bun tasted stale, not toasted.


    IMG_20140909_133748_258Sign across the street where you park in the grass.


    Stomp’s Burger Review Score:

    Meat Patty : 10/10
    Bread: 5/10
    salsa stuff: 6/10
    cheese 7/10
    cost/value : 10/10

    Total Score of Stomp’s Burger review:

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