Staci Butler Live Concert Pub 9/21/2014

    I’ve had Staci Butler added to my Facebook page for at least 2 years now. I think I listened to her music a couple times on Youtube before adding her, but never had the privilege to hear her live.
    On the 21st of September 2014, I was driving back home from visiting another singer in the hospital in Cy-fair When I remembered there was an event at the concert pub. So I stopped in. Right off the bat, someone hit the back of my car while I was posting my location to Facebook. not bad, just a chip in the paint. The amount to fix it would be so small it would hardly be worth the effort of getting insurance info. Just shook the guys hand and shrugged it off. He caught me at the door and paid for my barbecue. SCORE! good enough for me .

    Totally unprepared to pictures or any video. I had to once again deal with my phone. Which I am not fully familiar with yet and probably not going to be before I replace the dang thing.

    There was a multiple band event held to help fund medical issues for a local regular at the concert-pub.


    Barbecue  was provided by Steel horse cookers

    Bands were:
    The Holliers Folksie sound.
    The Spiffingtons 80’s sound of pop rock .
    Susan Hickman I enjoyed her voice, and her rendition of many well known songs took them to a new level.
    Staci Butler (read below)
    Lady and the Tramps
    The Chromatics

    Though the other bands were good bands, my intention was only to hear Staci Butler play.
    No clue why, but I always assumed she sang country. Nope. She sings a bluesy funk. and she does it very well. Her guitar playing has a heart felt sound to it. and her vocals, not a crack not once. Took a moment to talk to Staci. She is a very sweet lady with a happy personality. She told me she has been in the music scene for about 20 years. Then showed me her business card, I was shocked by the fact that Staci was able to get her name as her domain name, but puzzled as to why she doesn’t have her email address as . She uses another service for her email. but okay.
    I spoke briefly with the person playing drums and asked what to expect “So what will you be playing” (a lady behind me asked) he responded “With ourselves”. Which was an odd answer, so I changed the subject “What type of music will you play” he said it could be classified as blues. Which is correct. He also said they do a pretty good Jimmy Hendrix. but that never got played.


    All in all it wasn’t a bad event.
    Waitresses were nice.
    Barbecue available
    And event raised quite a bit of money.

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