LongHorn Rod Run 2014 -Day 2 Pictures

    Second day at the rod run car show in Old Town Spring Texas. The Car event of the year for Texas. The final day was much better than the day before. No rain and very few clouds. Day 1 pictures at Rod Run.
    Tried to not take pictures of the cars at the previous day’s show. So this batch of pictures is much smaller than yesterday’s set of photos. On the plus side, the sun was out and the photos came out far better. More sparkle on the cars and no dusty water marks on the windows or the chrome.
    If you open the first picture. when the page loads, just click the picture it will take you to the next picture.

    Got off a few really good shiny Hot Rod pictures.

    Super Extra Bonus car pictures with $40 cell phone camera

    all in all this was the best car show I have been to all through 2014.

    {Quick Rant}No idea how other people take pictures at hot rod shows. You can walk up to the loneliest ugliest most neglected car at the car show,. You yank out the camera for a couple pictures, everyone rushes to the car and will not leave until you walk away and start taking pictures of another car.

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