Bartender Tricks For Tips

    bartendertricks Looking for ideas to get more tips while bar-tending? Here are a few tricks I have found along my ways.
    Some of these ideas will increase your tips, others will reduce bad moments when bad drunks get too drunk and or rowdy. which in the end is a pay off. You have an easier night and the patrons in the bar have a nicer time, which keeps them in a better mood. Leads to more tips.

    When serving drinks, just rub the rim of a drink with alcohol. This will make the first thing you taste and smell be the pure alcohol and make it seem like the drink is much stronger than it is.
    This trick is also useful when you have rowdy patrons (regulars) in your bar.
    Bonus: Tell the drink receiver to “watch out, it’s very strong” and they’ll likely take a sniff of the drink before drinking – smelling mostly pure alcohol. They will also be aware that they’re drinking a “strong” drink and hopefully pace themselves.

    Pour desired amount of alcohol into glass, add ice if desired. Take straw and put into glass and place your finger on the top of the straw as you add mixer. Stir with finger in place.
    Most people when handed a drink with a straw will immediately take a sip, since the straw initially filled with your alcohol of choice then the actual cocktail it will be much stronger than the rest of the drink. Bartenders have been doing this for years to get better tips and it works most of the time.
    To avoid this affect happening to you at bars, remove straw entirely then place back into drink and stir.

    Or Instead of rimming the glass (difficult to do), just pour a small amount of alcohol on top the mixer. Same affect, easier to do.

    Use more ice in the glass. You can now make a drink seem the same while using less alcohol and less mix but they usually drink it slower. Seems like they would notice right?! Nope! Remember, they probably already buzzed/drunk. Drunk people = toddlers. They can be tricked just the same.

    This was all in good humor for bartenders. This post is not created to ask bartenders to rip off customers and serve them poorly mixed drinks.

    This bar-tendering tricks post is actually to alert people to what they have been buying and paying good money for.

    So, watch the bartender, if he/she puts a finger over the straw during the mixing process, put your finger over the straw and remove it from the glass, taste your drink, if it is weak or wrong, tell the bartender “this time, no straw”.

    You may be shocked when you see your favorite bar tender or waitress do this to you.

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