Ebola Society and Media

    I don’t know much of anything about how to get or transmit Ebola. Any statement I say in this article about transference of Ebola can not be taken as fact. This article is about how people talk about Ebola and how Ebola is portrayed in news.

    Now that the disclaimer is out of the way.

    Ive heard many means of transference of Ebola. Everyone seems to know that the way they believe is the only way. I know squat about it.

    But what I have noticed is our government wants us to know they have Ebola under control meanwhile more cases of Ebola keep popping up.

    Everyone has some statistical chat that shows the likelihood of catching Ebola even though it has only been in the usa for a month. So those statistics are a bit premature. It is the doubt that you will get it that will make you most likely to be careless enough to get Ebola. And not saying that careful people cant catch the disease. But look at how diseases are spread in that country they keep originating in.

    Though I’m sure you can’t catch the disease from chat-sites like Facebook or reddit. I’m pretty sure there is tons of misinformation and just pure mean trolls on both chat-sites.

    The news wants you mortified and scared to change the channel. So their information is probably just as valuable as a Facebook troll or a reddit “disease specialist” upinyagoodwithapotatochip72 .

    Then we have the people who discredit all information about fear simply because they want to look tough. Their input is useless in the matter. We in this time in this country are no better off than elsewhere when it comes to stopping this disease.

    Can we take a break from shaking a stranger’s hand? Can that just stop for a little while? That’s an act that never made any sense to me anyhow.


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