Troll Drivers

    To those people on the road who seem to be out there just to upset people so they can get their kicks on it, you my friend, need to pull over one time and face these people.

    I see you sped up so that you can pull up next to me at the red-light and smirk at the fact that we just hit the same red-light after I just did everything to get past your terrible slow driving self.

    It seems here lately this has become quite a common thing. Drive death slow when someone gets behind you, and when they find a chance to pass you, spend every effort you have to tailgate them at the next light or pull up next to them. which ever is easier.

    Finding someone just as slow as you to drive NEXT TO, should be grounds for a spike strip. That person can not get over, and no one can get past you two and YOU are a frustrating piece of garbage.  You need to be behind that person.

    Guy in the big 4×4 in the left lane, dude you can’t stop or navigate well enough for that lane, move over two lanes. yes the lane next to the fast lane is soccer mom lane. Notice all of the s.u.v.s ? That’s because they know they can’t stop that thing. Sure you’d hit somebody pretty hard but your top heavy useless junk will roll pretty good and you will rattle around in that prissy truck to your minced death. Like liquid stupid.

    Motorcycle guy, we are all sick of you revving that thing up for nothing.  Go home poser and get in your Suv and be a normal person not a spectacle of shame. Stop it.

    Little car with the coffee can exhaust… what year is this? are you the last weeny to face their denial?

    Slow guy, the one who holds everyone back for the longest time, why do you zoom all around in that last 1/8th mile to get to the front? If you didn’t care to get up front before when it was safer to move between cars, why the heck are you swishing around in the lanes now?

    To the idiot in the Cadillac playing the swerving game in rush hour traffic, do you want to wreck so that everyone you just upset can pull over and smash your face?

    People. Just maintain YOUR SPEED. Your speed should be the speed limit. Speed limit does not mean “The maximum you feel like doing” speed limit means that you are limited to an exact set speed”. So doing 45mph in a 55,mph zone, no one cares what lane you are in, you need to get off the road.


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