Why Does She Cheat?

    This is not about all women, or most women, just some women , some of the women who cheat on a man that cares about her.

    Why did she pick that person? My enemy/boss (either or) is the last person I would respect her for cheating with behind my back. and I would have never expected it.

    This is a “status issue”.

    I will advise all males to never let  your woman know who you despise or envy (They are equal in the status game). because last she knew, you were the highest she could achieve. It would only mean more if she could achieve him.

    and yes, they are more competitive than men.

    She could just be stupid and trying to convince herself that she isn’t. By tricking someone, or getting away with cheating behind someone’s back makes her feel “smooth” which gives a tiny gratification that she is smart for outwitting someone. Which in turn leaves her to disrespect him more and consider him to be stupid. what that boils down to in the end is “you are stupid for trusting an ignorant piece of scum like me”.

    It could just be that she believes the man in her life misunderstands the relationship.
    It could just be that she believes the man in her life misunderstands the relationship and she enjoys the attention he gives her under that clouded misunderstanding and she does not want to ruin it with the truth.

    Could be boredom, could coincide with the next one. She just wanted something to do and this is her replacement of self gratification.

    Neglect. Feels that her man does not give her enough attention and feels abandoned in a relationship.

    Thoughts of what she has missed out on by marrying too early,

    Could be turned on by the fact that she could get caught. The excitement knowing that someone has the potential of being extremely angry and uncontrollably enraged will show her how much she is loved. Which is another issue, pride.

    Doesn’t feel like buying new batteries.

    Fact is her cheating is in the end, her not fixing things in her life. If she is mistreated in her current relationship then it is up to the woman to get out of that relationship or fix it. You can not blame someone for another person’s actions.



    This is all written in fun, this is nothing clinical or psychological. Do not take anything from this page as factual or a reason to change or alter your life. This was written purely for entertainment purposes only.

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