Best Pizza in Humble,Porter,Spring,Kingwood and Atascocita

    I have been searching for the best pizza in my area. It doesn’t have to be the best pizza in a major city, just one that is in close driving distance, and worth the money I get charged. because I’d be darned if you catch me driving 50 miles across the city to get some pizza that is somewhat better than average, but $10-$15 more than average pizza cost. No.. I m just not going to do that.
    So I limited my search to Humble,Porter,Spring,Kingwood and Atascocita. Not going to do the search through woodlands, those people over there seem to have no taste-buds and their idea of delicious is “whatever is popular”.

    My pizza pick is the Brooklyn Pizzeria in the Walmart shopping center near Deerbrook mall.
    I kept my pizza selection simple and traditional.
    Peperoni pizza, no extra sauce or cheese, just a plain ol peperoni pizza. Large. they do have a size larger for just a small amount of cash, and their medium was only about 90 some-odd cents cheaper. so, the large it is.

    The large is huge. I ate four slices of pizza and that was all I could handle. heck after the third pizza slice I was done and kind of hurting but the pizza tasted so good, I was forcing the fourth slice in.

    Staff was nice and not intrusive. Space was small and perfect.Televisions around the room, either showing football,baseball,basketball or racing.Nice view of the new super huge Kroger next door.
    One complaint that has nothing to do with the place, is the access to Brooklyn Pizzeria. Especially if you are coming from the new Kroger.

    One of the best things I notice first off when I walk in a place that serves food, is “Can I smell food cooking?”. If I don’t smell food cooking, I imagine they have a vacuum sealed bag of dehydrated junk they splash with water and toss in a microwave. I want to smell food when I walk into diner or restaurant. I certainly don’t want to smell bleach or pine cleaner. That leaves me to wonder if that will be splashed in my food. of course their is room for not wanting to smell grossness. The idea is to clean the place then let it air out before serving food. Many places do grasp this concept. This place certainly does. I smelled food when I walked in and it smelled like great pizza.


    Full review score of Brooklyn Pizzeria in humble:
    Cost : 10/10
    Cleanliness: 10/10
    Smell of food cooking: 10/10
    Atmosphere: 10/10
    Quality of ingredients: 10/10
    Taste of meal: 10/10

    Final score: 10/10

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