Is she single ? How can you tell ?

    Talk-to-Single-WomenSo, you’ve met a great woman and you want to know her relationship status. Or you have known a great woman for a while and she has never been single at the same time as you and you are currently single hoping this woman is single too.
    Of course if you ask any woman how to tell if another woman is single, they will tell you “just ask her”. Sure, you can do that, and it will get you the answer you are looking for, and that makes it all simple. but we as simple humans like to know what we are about to get ourselves into, and we can imagine what the answer will be “who starts a conversation this way?? Seriously”.
    You need clues.
    I will try and list this in the order I see these changes happen to tell what the woman’s relationship and emotional statuses are.

    Break up hair. Recently chopped and/or extreme color change. Not to be mistaken for in relationship miserable with life giving up on caring, bowl cut. No no… what I’m talking about is the freaked out collar length chop to an abnormal color. This is a change. She is still dealing with making him miss her and see he is missing out on her changes.

    Sudden weight loss. This is the sign that she is on the hunt. The more trimmed up the potentially single woman becomes, the more likely the woman is to finding what she wants.

    Long text conversations. A woman who is seeing someone or living with them will send you text messages like “thinking of you” with no desire to talk. When you respond to help her start the conversation you think she is trying to start…. she doesn’t respond for an hour or more. Single women are happy to have some one listen so they send you a paragraph that ends with “and that so reminded me of you”. The  “thinking of you” is likely her husband is talking and she isn’t listening..

    New “Get a man” wardrobe. Outfits that are nothing like her common image. 38 years old and sudden burst of skirts, heels, and no longer sporting her pony tail all day every day. Dude, you better compliment her and let her know that you are interested “Wow you were a dream before, now your the kind that makes me change the sheets”. Well not so vomitous but you get the idea.

    She’s in a pack at the club/bar. I don’t approach these women at all. but there is always that one woman in the group that everyone is trying to “get a man” for. Well not always, but often. Be careful with this, that group could have that one bitter woman who over analyzes everything you say, and there could be a bait and switch thing going. One hits on you and drags you into the group then the other pets you while the first woman takes off and jumps in some dude’s lap. Your reaction to “show her’ by banging her ugly friend, is foolish. but… better than a tissue right?


    So, how do you talk to her?
    You just talk. You just ask a question and the shut up. Here is a link to tell you how to get a woman.

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