Breaking down the life hacks on Pinterest

    I have to dispute the “life hacks” Found on this page of Pinterest
    Some of these life hacks are kind of stupid. Some are not so bad.

    For the life hacks that make my head itch, I have to say something… I have to say it now.
    1 #1 Where does the handicapped person park while you are “Beating the man” ? and.. when the cop gives you a ticket that you know you can beat. Enjoy your time in the courthouse since it saved you a whole 8 more seconds of walking to the door.






    2 #2 You can also turn it off to charge faster since pretty much everything you use your phone for will be useless in airplane mode.







    3 #3 If this means you just bought a bunch of gift cards of varying values, as brilliant as that sounds, it can now be refunded when robbed.







    12 #12 and will stop your score from counting.








    23 #23 If you can manage getting pancake mix into a ketchup bottle, you will be fine getting it into a frying pan.







    27 #27 Those containers have not passed inspection for food storage.








    39 #39 the pound button often sends the message.








    50 #50 have fun lighting the candles.








    58#58 as great of an idea as this. It is best to see it as a means to keep all of the pieces together. You will be applying unending pressure to the apple and causing it to bruise and rot. and of course let us not forget the taste of a rubber-band.. Which of course does not have to pass inspection for consumption.






    Some of the other life hacks listed are pretty decent.  So I have nothing to say about them.

    Okay… end rant.

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