Bug spray salt and alcohol windshield crack repair – Fake

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    There is a video of a person mixing salt and alcohol and “any bug spray” with water and applied to a crack, or what looked like a scratch on a windshield, and then a time lapse of the video of the scratch or crack disappearing.
    Salt is kind of abrasive and will not break down to turn into glass. The bug spray might hide the whitened area in the scratch or crack. The alcohol might do nothing but sterilize it. Mixing all three?? Yeah I don’t see it happening. I am not about to do this to my windshield for sure.

    This repair video has to be fake.
    No measurements. No description to chemicals in bug sprays. No defined salt type.
    This could possibly get someone hurt.
    I do not advise trying what is done in this video at all.
    If anyone has real proof of this working please hit me up.

    In response to the comment below I’ve added this;

    The rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol though, which is significantly more non-polar than water, therefore the salt will not dissolve. It will be chunks of scratchy junk in the mix..Salt does not melt at temperatures less than 800 degrees Celsius which is 1472 Fahrenheit.

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    1. Mike List | |

      The way that it ‘works’ is by a reaction of the compound ‘DEET’ in the bug spray reacting with the isopropyl alcohol to soften the plastic coating over the glass, and the salt crystalizing to fill any gaps so that the softened plastic coating spreads smoothly and evenly over the crack. More of a ‘hide’ than a repair, but works well for small stone chips and keeps them from spreading.

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