The Truth about Sony and “The Interview”

    interviewSo the media is going nuts about Sony canceling “The Interview”.
    On Facebook and Twitter we see the liberals, the tea partiers, the democrats the republicans the president all coming together to say “This is unAmerican” (unMercan).

    What everyone seems to be overlooking or looking past, or totally ignorant to is one small factor.
    But first let me build you to it.
    Supposedly North Korea is “Hacking’ Sony and making threats and what not to Sony for releasing “The interview” so, Sony decided to “pull the plug” on the release… What that means is they decided they don’t want any part of the threats or any actions that may come from releasing the interview, so they decided not to release the movie “The interview”.

    Even the president said his bit about how it is not the America way or something. Read it here.
    Okay, we caught up?

    Here is the issue

    Sony is not an American company.
    Sure they have locations in the USA, but Sony headquarters is Japan. They are and always will be a Japanese company.
    Which means, that they do not have to care what the Americans think. The movie is not their problem.
    We wouldn’t make it our problem if the role was reversed. We’d tell them to get bent . Because we sure aren’t going to war over a stupid movie that isn’t even in the language most spoken here. Heck the content isn’t even about them and they would barely relate to the topics. It is American humor. Not Japanese humor. Our shows are totally different.

    We don’t see the USA doing anything to stop the hacking. Right? Why? because Sony is not an American company. It is not our problem. So, do you really expect to see Sony continue taking the hacking and death threats just because you want to watch some B-rated movie?
    Being butt-hurt over it is being a child about it.

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