Holiday Relationships

    seasonal_loveHoliday relationships usually last until the end of March. or the following year about March.
    Which knocks out Thanksgiving family gatherings and showing off that you aren’t single anymore. New Year’s eve you finally don’t have to scramble to find someone to kiss. And you finally can get romantic at Valentine’s day again, the way it should have been.
    Then you realize it’s time to either get fat through Summer, or dump this loser and tone up for that beach body.
    Many take the lazy route thinking “ehh, I’ve got one may as well hang on to them a bit longer” Many ditch them looking for a better person.

    Often the ones that stick with the new person in their life through the summer, if they don’t chub out, and actually keep fit, will make it through Christmas and realize “this person sucks”. The gifts aren’t so thoughtful, someone decided to see their crazy fricken family this year so there was a fight on the way.
    and then comes Valentine’s day.
    He doesn’t get her gift. She never gave him anything for Valentine’s day either but oh well. It’s the guy’s duty and he doesn’t know how to do all that… Remember? He was single….

    Now that relationship is dead two more weeks after Valentine’s day. Just long enough for the anger to build and the conversations to get ugly and far from mushy.

    So no… Do not date someone through that season. Do not get close because the warmth and the time for gifts all mess up what you really feel and what you really want in a person.

    Hold out.
    And no don’t wait for that one person to end their holiday relationship,  it will be almost Halloween before they are ready again.

    From March to September. That is the safe zone. 6 months to get to know someone. 6 months to know what they are like and meet their family and see how they all are separately. Not that gang up mosh-pit they call thanksgiving where you get sideswiped in random questions while you are trying to tell a story.
    Hold out. It is worth it and you get to meet and understand people as they really are. Plus it is too expensive to play the gift giver to people you barely even know. Your gifts at next holiday season will have a better chance, you actually know them, and you wont feel inadequate for giving someone something they are allergic to.

    and don’t be cheesy and propose during that time. Two birds one stone (pun intended) is lame.
    Christmas present is an engagement? You’re terrible.

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