Patriots and Deflated Balls

    Flat-footballNow that the news is out about the investigations of what is being called deflategate, reports are coming in that a Brad Johnson of the Buccaneers paid to have balls deflated for the Superbowl.
    ESPN is saying that 11 out of 12 balls were found deflated from the Patriots VS Colts, game.

    The scary issue is that Brad Johnson is said to have done this at an actual Superbowl at the cost of $750 for 100 footballs to deflated.
    That’s a career. That is a week’s paycheck to sit there and deflate 100 footballs. Meanwhile, no one noticed these balls deflated? Not one of the multiple referees who handled the ball before it was placed on the ground before the next play. Which this is a bit odd. Except for the fact they are just regular dudes, so detecting a pound or two of air difference may not be as easy at it should seem.

    Could you feel the difference? Then again, your job isn’t footballs. So no… maybe you wouldn’t.

    Never the less, no official news as to whether the Patriots will be penalized for flat footballs, or if there is another explanation. Which there very well could be a scientific explanation as to why the balls are somewhat deflated after almost a week.

    You can be sure that there are a lot of football fans who want to see the patriots reprimanded for what they believe is cheating. Some are calling for the patriots to be disqualified from the Superbowl entirely.

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