Review of Tinder – Good and bad

    Tinder is a website where you can upload pictures of yourself and put a short description of what you think makes up you, so that others of the choice gender can give you a click of approval or a click of disapproval. You will never see who does notĀ approve of your page and pictures, but you will see who approves of your tinder page.( as long as the liking is mutual)

    Tinder Use
    The ideal outcome of tinder is to successfully use Tinder as a dating site. Dating site where you stumble into someone you find attractive and they find you attractive, and the two of you chat and then meet up and hit it off and the date goes well and evolves into whatever it is you both are looking for.,

    Tinder Abuse
    Tons of abuse of Tinder can happen, and happen to the naive many who are in hopeful dreams of meeting that special person. But really, how can the person be that special person if you only like them by their looks? or a snippet they write about their life?
    One abuse could be someone who realizes that this is a superficial app so they just click like on every person they see on Tinder so they can eventually talk to someone, anyone. That’s a whole lot of dedicated clicking.
    Another abuse could be models, actresses and “bedroom professionals” getting likes and using them on their resume.
    Then there is the one we all suspect, the person who looks pretty or cute enough for you to feel comfortable hanging out with and they have slept with everyone in a 20-30 mile radius who are on Tinder.
    Some people can just be on there to boost their self esteem. They could be married and feeling neglected, or married and just wondering they’ve “still got it” or they could be an active dater who just wants to see if their new outfit looks good.

    How to get a date on Tinder
    How to get a date on Tinder

    The actual review and speculation of Tinder’s use
    tinderThe majority of the function of Tinder is to see how pretty you are and to feel approval and boost an ego. Nothing more, nothing less. To see how many people like your looks, how good they look.
    The system can be gamed simply by opening the application and liking every single profile you see, to increasing the number of mutual likes you get so you can see a larger range of people who find you attractive. because really, that’s all that people are looking at. No one reads profiles. Even the ones who get upset with people not reading their profile. (So don’t feel heart broken when they snap at you for asking them what everyone else asks a million times over. It must be a good ice breaker if it is that common.)
    Fact is, the application is not needed by the average person.
    Looks nice for an all white app (meaning the simple white background and black text). Not much to the design really.
    Scroll function is great.
    Communication is slow as mud though.
    As I have posted many times before across my other site and this one, I have been on a few dating sites. The point in telling this is, the majority of the people I saw on tinder, where the same people I saw and or met on the other dating sites. So no they are not a magical bunch of new people on Tinder that aren’t on other dating sites and apps.

    Tinder review scored 1/10
    Application function – 10/10
    Application looks – 5/10
    Application need (practicality) – 1/10
    Chance of finding love -3/10
    Overall score – 4/10

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