GTR Crashes when Ferrari merges into it’s lane

    A GTR and a Ferrari have a near miss but the GTR ends up wrecking anyway. But what really happens in the video?
    I’ve seen countless posts where people are complaining about the Ferrari driver, driving recklessly and causing a GTR to crash.
    I’ve watched the video repeatedly and see what people try to not notice. They were racing and the Ferrari was winning and almost wrecked into some guy who, eventually got wrecked into anyway.

    They were racing and the Ferrari was clearly showing that he was winning and was going around the guy running the camera when the car in front (of the camera car, the GTR and the Ferrari) changed lanes causing the Ferrari to have to continue merging one more lane, he made a good decision.
    The GTR driver made a foolish mistake of yanking the wheel before hitting the brakes.
    Does it look like Road Rage to you? Or just a desire to make it to the front of the race?

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