Shooting Down the Drones

    drone2We’re going to ignore government owned and flown drones for the time being. We will just talk about the consumer owned and flown drones. We will ignore that the same people fighting for the rights to own and use a drone (because it sounds fun) are the same people who are against the government flying drones around the public. Doing the exact same stuff. And that to allow the rights for the public to fly and take photos and video of a public area, they also allow companies to do the same thing. Including companies that buy and sell information.
    The questions about drones that we all need to be asking are

    • Do people have rights to fly no commercial low altitude devices over your property?
    • Are the drone pilots on your property?
    • Is the drone pilot trying to pester you?
    • Is there a camera on the drone?
    • If there is a camera on the drone, does the drone pilot have the right to record events and activities on your property?
    • Do you have the right to shoot the drone down when it is flying above your property?

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    EX:If you built a fence around your property so your wife and daughter can swim and not be bothered by weirdos and you see a drone fly up above your fence, and not cross your property line, is this person invading on your privacy?

    We all know that people can be pesky. We all know that people can be incompetent. We all know that plenty of people have more money than brains.
    Who is in the right here?

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