If Chevy brought back the Elcamino

    It does have a bit of a chevy look.
    From what I saw on gm’s website. all el Caminos are on the same body as the Malibu. and that Ute looks just like a Malibu . with a funny nose.
    this isn’t saying that Chevy never has changed a car from a body class to another.
    like go back to that page I linked and it shows that up untilĀ  2005, Pontiac g5 and g6 were on different body. Delta
    now they are on the epsilon and share body with Malibu frwd. The rear wheel Malibu is platform A or G and that shared with El Camino. Considering there is nothing been created for A/G in years. GM would surely pick the class they all moved to. Either Delta (cobalt) or Epsilon (G6).
    I am willing to bet that the ute is Delta.




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