Lost sight of manhood

    Somehow we have lost sight of what masculinity and manhood through compensation and excess gratification.
    People want to look like they do some activity a lot so they decorate themselves with it.
    Harley shirts
    MMA shirts
    Camouflage wardrobe
    Buy a big truck when they don’t need it

    And things like that. Those are simple ones. Those are quick buys to say “hey I spent $12 to let everyone know that I like this.
    But when you get into the $60,000 4×4 realm but don’t use 4×4 enough to get 60 grand worth of the truck… you have an issue.
    Of course that suv says that you are into survival and wilderness blah blah blah. But fact is… it is only 2 wheel drive and does not have the suspension to handle more than a pot hole.
    Here’s a situation I recently came into.
    Was walking in to home depot today. This guy was loading some crap in the back of his minivan or suxv. I cant tell anymore. He’s just staring me in the eye as he hit some button to shut the trunk or back door or what ever. With this cocky look.. I had to alert him with “That’s some real cowboy $%1+ there”.
    His cocky look got boosted with a gloating stare of pride. So I laughed and walked away shaking my head.
    Why can’t men just be men for their actual accomplishments? Saving up money to buy something that you think makes you more of a man, does not make you more of a man, it just makes you well goal minded.

    Posting crap about a man crush on social sites

    Hunting bunnies with an AK47 is not manly. Fighting a bobcat with a knife or less (Short melee weapon) and winning now that is manly.

    Cool shoes that get you in the pants of some dirty legs, do not make you a man.

    Sitting all day watching football getting fat is no more manly than playing hopscotch. Playing hopscotch is more manly just for the fitness perspective. And no, drinking a beer and buying a truck doesn’t make up for your lack of manhood. Many of us know. Making a face that you think is scary or saying some practiced line that intimidates you, does not make up for your lack of manhood.

    walking in public with your pants around you knees do not make you a man

    Acting manly is not manly. Just be natural. Do you thing. You are not pigeonholed into this weird urban rhinestone cowboy life to be manly enough to be accepted. That is all compensation. Your manhood is determined by how well you deal with issues without having “goto” actions that save you. Those are all false sense of pride boosting tricks.

    To be a man you have to stand up for what you believe, defend those you love and love those that defend with you. Even if it is your enemy taking a moment to help.

    you have to stand strong and ignore the name calling, you have to walk away when you know it is not pressing for you to go psycho ninja.

    Be a man and teach your kids.
    Be a man and be there for you kids.
    Be a man and be there for your significant other.

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