Lunch and Single

    As a single man. I am always looking for a way to change things up in my , current, well, single-ness.
    My latest realization is unbelievable. There is a time of day that more women are present in cafes and sandwich shops and diners, than men. There is a time of day when you find all of the secretaries, nurses, and answering services staff, out eating lunch. It’s noon.
    At 11:00 all of the men and women high end of companies go to lunch together. And leaves someone behind to answer phones. That person does not go to lunch until 12:15 after everyone is back and everything is shifted into the control of someone else. (maybe not sure how it works but that’s my theory).
    All week long I have been taking late lunches. Buffets, burger shops, sandwich shops and diners. There’s all of the women. These are all mid 20s to mid 30s women.

    The trick is, to find a location with office buildingc in a small vicinity. and then pop open the phone and type in the navigation device “sandwich” or diner. Or salads.

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