Failed hijack Dulles airport

    hijackerThe son of one of the passengers aboard a plane leaving Dulles airport has video footage and photos of the takedown .
    A man was running toward the cockpit of an airplane leaving Dulles airport, screaming like he was crazy, when men in his path tackled him to the floor of the plane.
    The man was claiming to have bombs on the plane. The plane quickly made a return to Dulles airport .

    From Reddit Post

    This just happened, my father was on the plane and took this picture. Will post videos and more pictures if people are interested. He was screaming and sprinting towards the cockpit. Several large passengers tackled him before he even reached the door.

    Edit: this was after the plane had taken off for Denver, after this incident it was returned to Dulles.
    Edit: he claimed to have bombs on board when first taken down, they are still looking into it but i imagine it was most likely a lie

    tackled hijacker dulles
    Current news reports state that no bomb was found.

    Follow up comments from the person on Reddit related to the cellphone camera person.
    He gave what information he could give throughout the night.

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