The rules of fighting


    Avoid a fight at all cause.
    Fighting is not the first option. Ever.
    Fighting should always be about self preservation, and never anything else. Not for sport,  not for fun and not for pride. but only for survival.
    You should never fight to win, because you never win. Even if you shame the other guy. Shaming them is not winning, you are just taunting them to come up with a method to eliminate you, because you are now the threat.
    You should never fight to set your mind or ego to a level of experience. No two people fight the same. This is a false sense of pride.
    Before you fight angry, note your surrounding. This will help you control your situation.
    Before you select not to run, know your limitations.
    You are not in an MMA match. The rules are different and many things you may have trained for, do not apply here and only work against you.

    Schrodinger’s weapon.
    Remember, you still don’t know if they have a weapon. Let’s not make them use it.

    Fighting a group, with one or more friend on your side:
    If you must fight, save yourself first. You can be of more use when you know where you stand.
    Never count on a friend to help. Not that they won’t they just may not see the same threats you do, and may be stressed by what you do not see.
    Do not exhaust yourself.
    Do not abandon a friend

    Fighting as one against two or more:
    When you can run, run. You have survived, now go live your life.
    Stay on your feet.. If you are not in a ring and fighting, with a ref, don’t take it to the floor. Let your ground game be good and useful in defense in the event you get taken to the ground. In a numbers fight, you face is now at kicking level.
    hit, move and watch your surroundings. Let no man out of your site.
    Stay moving. Make contact and shove, move to the next. and back if you must.
    Do not power hit.  You have energy you need to spread out evenly. You’ll waste the most on the first.

    One on One:
    You are not here to destroy, you are just trying to survive with very little hassle.
    Do not let them take you to the floor. You still don’t know if they have a friend in the crowd, and it gets pretty violent on the floor. You also exhaust faster.

    When a weapon is present and you can’t run: (and violence is imminent)
    Keep track of the weapon.
    Control the hand(s) holding the weapon.
    If you can gain control of the weapon, take it and leave. Do not use the weapon on this person if it can be avoided.

    This is written for moral rules for you to remember. Not for you to expect to save your life. Your circumstances will likely be different and you could be hurt thinking you read an article somewhere and can take a weapon from 100 men. So you are in control of your actions and this post is just to give you ideas and holds no liability to any injuries you may encounter. This post is against fighting. This post does not support fighting. This post is about a mental state not a physical state. This post’s first and foremost statement is to avoid fighting at all cause and run when possible.

    Another funny video from the guys at Hen Zee – Team PTX showing us expectations versus reality in martial arts training. Taped at Evolution Muay Thai

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