Who will win the Pacquiao Mayweather fight?

    May 2nd is the Scheduled date of the fight between two boxers who the fans of both or either have wanted to see fight for more than a decade.
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    Some say Pacquiao has slowed while others say that Mayweather hasn’t had a legitimate fight in the ring since his earliest years. (Ortiz fight for example)
    The talk around the office is speculation that one will win a controversial win, and there will be a demand for a second fight that will happen. This will lead fans to pay for a second viewing of their fights and increase revenue to the both and boxing commission.
    Considering the amount of money Mayweather is making and the pay cut Pacquiao is taking, this doesn’t sound very logical. because if Pacquiao wins and Mayweather wants a second fight, Mayweather will not fight Pacquiao and make the pay even. Which would be a good excuse for Mayweather to dodge the second fight altogether.
    If Pacquiao loses and wants a second fight, Mayweather will have every excuse not to fight him again, and it would be very unlikely that Pacquiao will take another pay cut for a second fight.

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