Pacquiao Mayweather fight after thoughts

    Taking in consideration the likelihood of Mayweather playing a very long game of “Rope a Dope” to explain why he ran through the whole fight against Pacquiao, it’s still kind of hard to see how Mayweather won any of the early rounds when it was Pacquiao throwing and landing all of the punches.
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    After about the 5th-6th round, you start seeing Pacquiao tire out and Mayweather begin to somewhat come alive, even though every punch Mayweather threw, Pacquiao countered. Which worked in Mayweather’s favor. Around the 6th round you see Mayweather toss a left to Pacquiao’s face. Pacquiao would counter, Mayweather would counter with a punch to Pacquiao’s left shoulder.
    Maybe Pacquiao grunted, or someone told Mayweather that Pacquiao was damaged in that area. No telling but it happened.

    Lots of Neck Wrenching from Mayweather


    Posted by Romel Eastwood on Sunday, May 3, 2015

    but still Pacquiao kept Mayweather running,hugging and scrambling in the corners of the ring throughout the fight.
    Pacquiao would throw a barrage of punches while Mayweather would cover and back up, then Mayweather would look up and say “no”.. Of course this type of intimidation only works on the Klitschko brothers

    Mayweather walked off with all titles in his possession.

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