You can’t Label Everything as a Disorder


    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    Where you obsess on something being an exact way, to the point that you have exceeded reason.
    Or as I found in a simple Google search :

    Excessive thoughts (obsessions) that lead to repetitive behaviors (compulsions).

    Which is actually a more tame version of how I remember before everyone became so sensitive and opting to label people as some sort of disorder.

    For instance. When people come to my house, they tend to call things I do “O.C.D.”. Like coffee cup in a certain spot and car keys in a certain spot. Truth is I am a very unorganized person. Always have been. So one day, I sat my car keys down and said “Ya know, If they are always in the spot, morning me doesn’t have to run around the house looking for keys”. and as you can imagine, I make my coffee much earlier than when I need my keys.

    A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.
    Sometimes people just have stuff on their mind, or what you just said was boring enough to lose their attention. Or they think much faster than you and you are dragging on.

    This one is a tough stretch but bare with me.
    I have this feeling that more people are a small percentage (or greater) Autistic than we think. because it seems like every person in the news is labeled autistic these days. Something tells me we need to fine tune diagnostics and split the types.
    “Autistic man paints building from memory”
    When I was a kid that was called a photographic memory. and it was a gift. Not a sign of being “less able”.
    And all of these defense attorneys using Autism as a sympathy plea for people who commit violent crimes. These fools are going to end up causing a witch hunt for people with autism. Which is oddly funny, because back in my childhood, anyone with a disorder was “crazy” and people thought they could turn on us at any time. hrmmm…


    The dude is just tired and or lazy and or bummed out, take him somewhere to do something he would enjoy ….. Don’t feed on the sad theme, you’ll get him convinced he needs to die.

    Some of you people, out labeling people these things are bullies.

    We might be too quick to label people as having some mental issue. Some of this might not be an issue and turn out more common than we think.

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