The Truth Inside

    Quick explanation of what might actually be going on in someone’s mind when they meet certain people. and We can see what people think they are thinking.
    Short guy and really big guy walking towards each other and the short guy gives the big guy a mean look and the big guy scoots out of the little guy’s way.
    Little guy thinks: Yeah I know it, he knows it, that the size does not matter he knows my hits still hurt
    big guy: Imagine what would happen if people see me smashing down on this little weirdo.

    Guy does the twinkle wave at girl he has never met and she walks up to him
    guy: She thinks I’m gentle but strong enough to hit on. I’m gonna get that number.
    girl: Ohh hey, we should exchange numbers, he can probably help me pick out good shoes.

    Guy asks girl to dance and she rejects him.
    Girl: I am way to good for that and if I reject one, it will take a much more strong and confident man to pick me up. we never take the first one that comes along
    guy: OK hitting on the ugly chick and then getting rejected, when I am ready to give up and go home, sure kills my ego.

    Manager making his mad dog face
    Manager: My employees know I’m tough
    Employee: what a spoiled douche.