Why it’s a good idea to tell your man when he isn’t pleasing you

    You have a man and he seems to be crawling in bed just to please himself, and not please you. Only after he is pleased, he will ask you how the “event’ went for you. Of course you won’t tell him the truth. You tell him he did well. because you seem to get a positive response from this.
    But have you considered what would happen if you told the guy what you like?

    Example situation:
    You want a man that knows how to do all of the things you need done. Because you don’t want to tell him.And you likely can’t think of a rational woman who would tell him. and let’s just jokingly say that you only know 38 women who would actually discuss this with you.
    Let’s do the math.
    If one woman out of 40 will tell a guy how to do “this”.. and another woman in a new batch of 40 will tell him how to do “that”.
    If you met a man you didn’t have to communicate with.
    His ex-lovers count would be quite high.
    Because we aren’t born knowing it.

    There is no reason to not tell the man that he just isn’t doing it for you. Maybe thinking that if you showed him, it would feel like you are doing it to yourself because he is doing it exactly how you showed, and when your relationship dies off he would run to the next lady better prepared than he was with you. But the next guy will be doing things the way the last woman taught him. Yes…. taught. Men do not have it encoded in their dna. You have to show someone what you want before they can give you what you want. Just like he’ll guide you or say “stop moving like that” you need to do the same.

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