Why Women Stop Liking What you Like

    Lots of people believe they have to represent themselves falsely or exaggerate their desires to bring in a suitable mate. Some believe that they can grow leniency or a tolerance to things that sort of bother them but are not bad. Especially if the person they like seems worth it. After time that thing they have been tolerating, becomes no longer tolerable and now is insufferable. It is probably up to you to try and reduce your use of said item or your expression of enthusiasm to said item.

    • Because they never liked it to begin with and just played along.
    • She thought it was easy to put up with and later realized it bothers her.
    • You are an idiot and liking what you like is proof she is an idiot also.

    Look, it’s not wise to start a relationship under a false impression of interests. You need to find someone who is actually into the same things as you , if you are looking for someone with similar interests. and if they are looking for someone with similar interests. Don’t hook up just to hook up. and don’t mislead someone into believing they found the one, when you are not the one.

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