Why is everyone blaming Twin Peaks for Waco Shooting?

    I keep seeing in the news that everyone is blaming Twin Peaks for what happened in Waco.
    Reports say that the police requested that Twin Peaks cancel biker night, to prevent a biker war.

    So, they are saying that canceling it would prevent people from showing up.
    Meanwhile they expect a $7 an hourĀ  door greeter who is unarmed to do what a trained, armed police officer couldn’t do?

    That’s like blaming citizens of a country for a war there, because they could have said no.

    This is passing the buck and should not be an issue.

    These are bikers, and they have been on the road for quite some time. and they don’t have a computer to tell them things were canceled and they will not likely read their twitter feed while riding using their cell phone to get the ALERT…

    The police need to do their job to save lives and stop blaming the employees of a restaurant for not preventing a biker war.

    We’re talking about 200 bikers got arrested. No one is counting how many did not get arrested. You can’t tell me that one twin peaks bikini girl and a few dishwashers and cooks could stop that.
    Canceling it would have just made it an “unofficial” biker night…..


    You’re not fooling anyone Hoot-owls , we know you paid the news to smear Twin Peaks for taking your customers.

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