Water fueled cars, the not so smart cars


    Water fueled cars, the not so smart cars.

    I have been watching these videos about these cars that use up our water resources but state “only bi-product is a puff of steam”, That is a misleading statement. It’s not like we get the water back. Only a small puff of steam from a full tank , is returned back to our use.

    See it’s advertisements and witty wording, and the public mass that upsets me on the whole ” Oh I’m gonna save the world and drive a car that uses water instead of gasoline”. Durh….. I am pretty sure we could wipe out all the lakes in Utah, in less than a week . In the end, what we get back to our atmosphere, a whole whopping half a gallon of water.

    See it seems that it’s the Nimrods who buy bottled water for $2 a 20 oz bottle and gripe about gasoline being $4 a gallon, (do you see the irony?) that seem to be so dang GungHo on the idea of using water for fuel. Honda seems to already have a car out that uses up our water. I am quite sure it isn’t cheap. and I sure do not see water or steam squirting out the exhaust pipes.

    Back in the days when I was a rebellious kid, I did some studying. Lots of studying, On the topic of the uses of hemp. People for years have been making cloths,oils,paints,food,soap and many other things out of hemp.

    Well last night I got a refreshing flashback when I did a search for fuel alternatives. I came across hempcar.org .

    It seems they made a biodegradable fuel that burns well enough to put into a Mercedes. These guys went on a journey of 13000 miles and had an average mileage for the entire trip, 21 mpg. I know these days 21 mpg does not sound that great. But that car was not brand new, and you have to imagen they seen some hill country with the heater blasting.. In traffic.

    Under many circumstances, they achieved 21 true miles per gallon. and the planet lost nothing from it, except some stems and seeds. Stems and seeds that can be replenished,regrown, Refilled. Water is a resource we can not live without. Water is a resource we need to make our food, to nourish our bodies.

    I am against cars that destroy a resource as valuable as water. Using water for fuel is ignorant. These are not steam engines. That water is 90% destroyed.

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