Phone Trade Kiosk Scam

    Have you noticed the stands popping up in grocery stores where you can trade in cell phones and make a little bit of money for your used phones?
    Well I sat in a local grocery store waiting on customer service to take care of an issue I was having when I noticed a similarity between all of the people trading on phones at the  phone swap kiosk.
    They all would put eye glasses on for the photo portion of the trade in.  Not to read, but just for the photo portion.
    Are they all doing this as a disguise? I mean it worked for Clark Kent, why wouldn’t work for real people?
    Is it because the glasses changing the size of their eye helps them get away with the crime since no one can actually tell what focus the eye glasses have so they can’t Photoshop the eyes back to normal?
    Is it because they think they must have their glasses on, as if some law says they must wear their glasses for every photo? I doubt this.
    If this is the fact, then are they using their real identification? I have to assume these people are not.
    Why would they make something like this if the easiest way to scam it was to just put on dollar store reader glasses?
    These kiosks need to be removed because they do nothing but promote theft. From what I understand, a stolen driver’s licenses can’t be canceled. and the new license is just a reprint. So a thief using a stolen identification could do this a million times and not get denied.

    What bothers me is, if you look at the prices of the most popular one, The prices of $300-$400 phones, the value is $1-$25 at trade in.
    These are potentially stolen devices that someone is getting less than the value of a tank of gasoline in trade. These kiosks are handling the services that should be done by a human.

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