Where to buy guns in Houston Texas

    Houston Gun DealersIf you have been searching Google and Bing for guns in the Houston area like I have, then you see the same thing I see.
    Everyone has the exact same website, same guns. They all have some out dated web design which makes you wonder if the company is still in existence and the website is abandoned. No one has details for the guns listed. Even the one site I thought would be the most detailed, I had to directly navigate to and fumble through their rabbit hole of gun ads all in Jpg form. You can’t even type in a part number to search for the gun to pull up the model you want and see if they have it available and at what price. I have no idea who is building these sites for these gun shops, but he needs to be schooled.
    It takes a pretty high level of ignorance and arrogance to think that your website doesn’t matter when it comes to selling guns these days.
    So what I did a much deeper search and decided to put together a list to make things easier.
    But no, I will not send traffic to any of these gun shop websites. That’s simply a hobby I don’t want to have.
    What I will do is help you locate the guns at a good price with plenty of preliminary detail.

    Smith and Wesson -If you are looking for a Smith and Wesson Pistol/Handgun or rifle be it simi automatic or revolver, go directly to Smith and Wesson’s website. They have a search feature for the model and will allow you to type in your zip code to locate the store nearest you. You can also buy directly from Smith and Wesson. From what I see, the gun prices are kind of better there and you can get actual detail about what you are purchasing.

    Ruger – Ruger’s website is a bit hard to navigate and the text is small but they have a much larger selection of guns. Easiest navigation is search using the Caliber Search Feature.

    Beretta – Nice clean website layout and easy to navigate to find the pistol/handgun or rifle you need from Beretta. Their search feature is a bit lacking. Doesn’t allow you to organize by price but still a strong search and easy to use.

    Browning – Right off the bat Browning allows you to search for a dealer in your area. This search will show you all of the local gun dealers, much better than using Google or Bing. Once again like the others you are capable of purchasing your rifle from their website. Just type in a Houston zipcode (I default with 77002) and you will see all gun dealers in Houston. Browning also has an “Online Dealer List” Not sure how that works with licensing but there that is.

    If you are searching for guns in Houston, you’d probably be best off going to the manufacturer’s website because all of the sites I have seen are out dated and very uninformative. Go to the manufacturer’s website, look up the gun and it’s details then use their search feature to locate the gun store nearest you so you can make the purchase. It seems the Houston gun store owners think it is pointless to try and be found online.

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