Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice

    6/19/2015 Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock finally fought.

    Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock
    Kimbo Slice vs ken shamrock
    Been a fan of Ken Shamrock for a very long time. Seen Ken win countless fights With grappling holds before they were called submission holds.
    but I also had a side favorite from the internet (years later) and that was Kimbo slice. This man has taken many of big punches and did not get phased. He was a brute of a “punch ’em ’till they quit” kind of guy. I was there when Kimbo didn’t get a good reception into MMA world, and watched it literally break him. I had hopes he would be the rags to riches from disrespect to utter respect. But Kimbo faded out of MMA just as fast as he was hyped into that style of fight.

    Ken, during his warm up in the back room, didn’t seem to be moving very fast. Maybe not so much worried about the actual fighting portion of the match, but more worried about the grappling. Sure seemed slow. Most people would warm the joints and muscles with something.. Anything more than looking like you have a cold and are achy. but he was toned pretty well. Not as big as he used to be, yet toned. With a hint of being way too old to be playing that game.

    Kimbo came into the ring looking nothing like the Kimbo I remember. His belly was large and his legs were scrawny. and there was no sign of training in the man. Everything he has learned in the past 8 or so years, nothing showed a single sign. His chest looked bigger, but so did his gut.

    Shamrock had the rear naked choke on Kimbo without a single punch being thrown. At one moment while in the rear naked choke, it looked like Kimbo went limp. but that was a split second. Kimbo worked out of the hold and they both made it to their feet. Ken went in for grappling (submission hold for you youngsters) but didn’t achieve the floor long enough, one hit to the face from Kimbo and Ken couldn’t find his feet. The second hit from Kimbo and Ken Shamrock was out and the ref stopped the fight. Both eyebrows busted up and a shocked look on Shamrock’s face.

    TKO and Kimbo slice wins.

    It’s like seeing spiderman beat batman. When neither one seemed to have trained for it.

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