Walmart and the 2 Cashiers


    So I took a trip to the local Walmart in Spring Texas.
    Did some grocery shopping. The girlfriend buys a shirt and we grab some cat food.
    By the time we make our way to the checkout area. There are two long lines of more than 25 shopping carts per line.
    This place has 30 cash registers. but only employs two cashiers.
    Why? why does Walmart do this? Why does Walmart shut down all of the self checkout lanes, while having only two cashiers on duty?
    asked someone if I could speak to a manager and got a snarky remark of “She’s out till the morning but we have someone on duty that can’t help you much”. I hadn’t even said why I needed to speak to a manager yet. Other employees wearing the Walmart smock just walked past me as if they didn’t need to care what I was about to ask them. No matter how many times I said “Excuse me”.

    Finally they open the self checkout lanes to thin the herd a bit, but there was no one there to man the booth. So of course our register (and the guy next to us) decided it wanted verification for something. Must have been an additional 5 minutes before someone came over there to, roll her eyes and sigh before she decided to help us then quickly waddle away.and of course as we asked any of the employees in the vicinity if we could get any help (before the self check out employee would help) one said “not my problem I’m off the clock”. finally one employee had to use a register on his way out. He helped. And you guessed it. The guy next to us didn’t get any help.

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