Cuntous Interruptus

    InterupterWhy do people interrupt people? Why do some people interrupt others more than anyone else? Why does it seem like less and less people can hold a normal conversation these days?
    I have been noticing it more and more these days where I’m telling someone of an event and they rattle off in a total different direction like a kid coated in sugar and caffeine in some toy world play land.
    They just blast you with endless interruptions. As if interrupting people does something for them as some weird social status.

    Me: On my way here, I stopped at a store and
    Them: Oh speaking of stores, I was at the store the other day, I bought an apple and I tossed it in the trash and it exploded and reminded me of an explosion I survived as a child (at this point I have to listen… Sad story coming). A 9 volt battery exploded like three blocks away from me last year at work. Well it didn’t explode, it just leaked. Weird how they do that right? (…..)
    Me: Yep, but as I was saying, I stopped at a store and when I walked in
    Them: Are you still going on about that ? Can you stop repeating yourself?
    Me: Well… Okay.. TO SUM IT UP THE PLACE GOT ROBBED I GOT SHOT AT AND THE STORE BURNED DOWN!!!! (Can’t say store… because that’s a repeated word I guess)
    Them:OMG tell me everything Start from the beginning.
    Me: Nope that’s about it.
    Them: Oh so it was nothing. Well, let’s go to that store I want some apples.
    Me: That store burned down, there is nothing to buy there.
    Them: you act like you know everything.
    Me: ???

    Sometimes the interrupting just goes on and on. Sometimes I just walk away and find other things to do. These people, when I notice they do that, I start talking to them slower so I don’t have to build up some momentum just to get it shot down with their decision to go in another direction.
    Sometimes I just stop talking to them altogether or ignore them from there out.
    What is it that makes people get that way?
    What makes people have so short of an attention span that they can not take the time to listen to what someone is saying to them just as they expect that person to listen to them?

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