How I deal With Collectors Calling

    I have collectors calling at all hours of the daytime. I receive at the least one phone call every hour and 15 minutes from different collectors. Leaving voicemail when I don’t answer their calls. Many are just silent with no message.
    For the longest I would just hit the ignore button on my phone. But that became an annoying task. Later I just turned my ringer off. That lead to me missing a whole lot of important calls. Next I started blocking known numbers of the collectors. This lead me to adding all collectors to the same i.d. in my phone and having that i.d. go straight to voicemail. Changed my voicemail greeting to me just saying one single syllable word. This makes it happen too fast for humans to know when to leave the message. This lead to me going through my voicemail and deleting all collectors messages every day just before bed. Like some weird compulsion . So many silent messages.
    Then.. Brilliance hit me.

    Now I will let my voicemail fill up and go back to the old ways. If I don’t know you, you wont call me. Now I can clean out voicemail every month or so.

    I in no way advise you to do or try this.

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