ESPYs 2015 Sucked

    Decided to sit and watch all of the deserving people of American sports win their appreciation trophies and hear their acceptance speeches.
    Got very little of that.
    espy2015The ESPYs was, to say the least, a whole lot of nothing and very little sports acceptance. The ESPYs honored maybe 5 people but took nearly two hours to make everyone feel bad, play aweful music and told us we all suck for having an opinion that isn’t approved by others.
    What we did get from the ESPYs was a lot of whining. We got a lot of unrelated sports garbage full of emotional useless-to-sports crap.
    Some dude who looks like an old worn out sock puppet getting an award that isn’t even about sports, for just being him. We had to listen to this dude dribble on and on about something that really needs to be talked about at meetings where people want to hear it. Like home owners meetings, counsel meetings and whatever, not sports awards.
    We listened to people get emotional about all kinds of garbage that has nothing to do about scoring a goal, getting a touchdown, or striking people out.

    When did sports get so whiny and dramatic?

    Can we save this garbage for talk shows and soap operas? Can we get back to the games? Not the ESPYs. Let’s have people getting noted for being the best at this or that sport. Not “Oh I have migraines and have suffered for just being me” blah blah blah.

    Heck even one sports figgure said “Thanks for the trophy, this show is about us” followed by whatever, but it does sum up what the show should be about. But the ESPYs this year took another direction… Drama…

    The ESPYs are no longer to be watched by me. That was very un-entertaining. Thanks for guilting everyone, shaming everyone else and pointless drama. Heck That Kardashian show is more about sports than the 2015 ESPYs. I’m done with that junk.

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