My Tree Survived

    My little tree in my yard, for the first time in 4 years is full of leaves.
    After the drought we had in Texas in 2011 (year of all of the fires) and a sad slow downward spiral through 2012 , 2013 and 2014, my little sapling is full with growth. After being forced to cut off  roughly 2 feet of the top that had died well over two years ago, my little tree is now about the size of an average sized man, but full of leaves and new limbs. Now showing teh most life it has since the day I watched the home builders plant it. Yes in the way you’d expect a drywall guy to plant a tree. Put roots in ground, cover hole with dirt. but now, this tree is alive and doing quite well.
    But wait… There’s more…
    My sapling has guests.
    My sapling is now home to a family of birds. We now have a mama bird, a daddy bird and three little nestlings.
    We now host 5 mockingbirds.

    In some of the pictures you will see the momma bird and in others you pretty much just see beaks of the baby birds.

    We’ve watched these babies from a distance and snuck up once or twice to see the eggs. Never long enough to take a picture though.
    These photos are from about 15 feet away. Hopefully we did not disturb any feeding schedule.

    I’m so happy that this tree that was a lost cause for 3 and a half years, now has a bird nest in it, and the nest is housing a family that is active. Proud of my pruning skills, I will watch these babies grow. From my window of course.

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